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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Where do these secret study techniques come from? +

All the confidential techniques revealed here have been developped by the European Research Center for Personal Efficiency, composed of the world’s best Doctors, Psychologists, and other various experts laser-focused on the student’s success, often pionneers in their field.

They have been specially selected for their power and efficiency for exams success, to allow students to get the most of their studying and use their full potential in anything they will learn during the rest of their life.

The majority of these techniques are the result of years -sometimes lives- of research about personal efficiency, which make them simply the most efficient you would ever find, but also the most guarded.

Should you have a chance to find one of them in any rare resource, they will usually appear under the original language of the author, and not necessarily in English.

This method gathers and gives you now the unique opportunity to access all these techniques that make the success of the best students.

2- Why a method specially focused on studies and exams success? +

To succeed in today’s fast changing life, people absolutely have to know the best ways to learn. Those who know these ways have an incredible advantage over others.

However, nobody showed students how to learn efficiently since the beginning of their education. Their success only relies on some artisanal study techniques they developed alone year after year. What a waste in their life when these techniques don’t bring them the exams results they really deserve!

This is to fill this huge educational gap and to give all the people the same chances to successfully pass their exams that this method exists.

3- How concretely can I use this method? +

The techniques of this method have been arranged in a special order best suited for an optimal assimilation.

Each technique is written to be instantly put into practice, understandable at first read and deprived of any useless theory.

All you have to do is to let you guide…and enjoy your success!

4- Is this method intended to me? +

The techniques of this method have been arranged in a special order best suited for an optimal assimilation.

Each technique is written to be instantly put into practice, understandable at first read and deprived of any useless theory.

All you have to do is to let you guide…and enjoy your success!

5- Will this method work for me? +

Naturally, this method won’t make you become a genius in maths or an expert in economy…if you have never opened a book of maths or economy! Nothing can replace a minimum of personal work, a minimum of involvement.

But if you study and prepare your exams with a minimum of seriousness, you are absolutely guaranteed to succeed!

This method will multiply your chances of success by 4, 5 or more. This multiplying factor only depends on your will to put into practice the revealed techniques.

6- If this method really worked, everyone would buy it and succeed +

A proverb says: “God gives every bird a worm, but he does not throw it into the nest.”

It means that you are given here an unique opportunity to change your life and to reach success in your exams and studies.

Unfortunately for them, some people won’t take their chance because they are unable to take decisions. They will just dream of the great and successful life they could have had, but won’t do nothing else than ‘dreaming’. By not deciding, they are simply choosing stagnation in life, keeping their same old inefficient habits.

That’s why only people who know to decide can reach success, because success is almost always in action.

7- I have only little time. How much time does it take to master the whole complete method? +

You don’t have time, that’s why this method is specially written to go directly to what is essential for your exams success.

Thus, a complete and perfect assimilation only takes 20 minutes per day during 6 weeks. But of course you can go faster, and have a good assimilation in 10 to 12 days. However if you are hurry, you can already get significant improvement and results in only 4 hours.

8- There are plenty of other resources about study skills, why should I choose this method? +

This method is not like the others, so it can’t be compared.

It’s a kind of stairway to success in your exams, and also in your life. You have access to the most powerful study techniques you would have certainly ignored all your life, and virtually unfindable anywhere else.

All you have to know for your studies and exams success is concentrated like a pure crystal into one place, and ready to be instantly put into practice. No need to waste your time and your money, your success starts here and now.

9- I haven't received my login credentials after my purchase +


1. Check the spam folder of the mail box you used for your purchase. The email containing your login credentials may have mistakenly been classified as spam by your email provider.

2. If you haven’t found anything, open a support ticket at the bottom of this page.

10- I can't open or read the files +

- You don’t manage to read the video files ?

Download the free VLC player by clicking here, and open the video files with this software.


- You don’t manage to open  correctly a zip file ?

1. Download the zip file again. In 90% of cases, the problem is due to a connexion error that occured during the download.

2. If the problem is still unresolved, download the free software 7zip by clicking here, and use it to unzip the file.


- You don’t manage to read a PDF file?

Download the free software Adobe Reader by clicking here.

11- I haven't received my product +

1- If you purchased the method through the platforms JVZoo or Clickbank:

You need to log into your secure member area with the credentials you received in your inbox. From there, you could download your method.


2- If you did NOT purchase the method through the platforms JVZoo or Clickbank:

You should have received an email from the secure download platform E-Junkie, with a link to securely download your method. Click this link to download your method.

Warning 1: Your download may NOT work if you try to download the method from a public computer such as a library, your College or University. Indeed, some institutions use protection softwares that prevent users from downloading files with certain extensions such as zip files (which is the case for this product). If you are in this case, try to download your product at home from your personal computer.

Warning 2: Please note that for security reasons, the E-Junkie platform gives you only 3 attempts and 96 hours to download your product. If you used more than 3 attempts or tried to download your product more than 96 hours after your purchase, you will NOT be able to download your product any more. If you are in this case, please submit a ticket using the contact form, and mention the date of your purchase and your Paypal receipt number. The support team will then send you the product to your email address.

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