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"An Absolute Lifesaver."

I can't tell you enough how much this has greatly improved my ability not only just to concentrate but also to memorize practically everything that I see.

Kelly Stratton, Buffalo University, NY

"My Panic Attacks Completely Disappeared."

Just after a few short weeks of practice, my panic attacks completely disappeared. I successfully managed to pass the GMAT and continue my studies in the field I wanted to study. If this worked for me, I'm betting it will do the same for you. So go ahead, and give it a shot!

Allan Parsons, University of Chicago

"I've Easily Divided My Study Time By Two."

I had big memorization problems to remember long texts and numbers and I would have never thought I could now remember entire book pages, dozens of dates or long series of numbers only by reading them once. This completely changed the way I study, and I’ve easily divided my study time by two.

Ashley Perkins from Berkeley, CA

“I am definitely cured from stress and panic during exams!”

Your technique to eliminate the paralytic stress I had been suffering for so long during exams is absolutely fantastic and I finally managed to graduate, thanks to it. I only regret not having discovered this incredible technique 2 years before. Thank you so much and all the best.

Extract of letter E 752 from Jenny L., Detroit.
Extract of letter E 752 from Jenny L., Detroit.

“An incredible memory.”

Before reading your techniques, I didn’t think it was possible to memorize so precisely long series of numbers, complicated names and also entire book pages. You gave me the right tools at the right moment to do so.

Extract of letter E 589 from Patrick R., Dublin.
Extract of letter E 589 from Patrick R., Dublin.

“Awesome study skills to succeed in studies and exams”

Super efficient for memory, logic, develops your reflection! Just one technique can change your life and can be worth the price of this method. Extremely useful and educational.

Extract of letter E 1346 from Kate, Seattle.
Extract of letter E 1346 from Kate, Seattle.

“I didn’t expect so much.”

I didn’t expect to find a so complete and efficient method. The techniques are straight to the point, clearly written and really easy to assimilate and put into practice.

Extract of letter E 827 from Kevin , Manchester.
Extract of letter E 827 from Kevin , Manchester.

“Unmatched performances.”

The first results I've noticed are amazing. Compared to all the methods I've tried so far this one includes cutting-edge techniques with unmatched performances.

Extract of letter E 442 from David A., Sydney.
Extract of letter E 442 from David A., Sydney.

“It's really worth it.”

In addition to my graduation with honors, your method made me improve my self-confidence and gave me the opportunity to know what I’m worth. When I consider the thousands of dollars I would have spent to repeat a session, I can’t help thinking my investment in your method was really a good one.

Extract of letter E 223 from Christopher R., New York.
Extract of letter E 223 from Christopher R., New York.

“A new beginning in life.”

This method awaked in me a strong desire to win. It brings a so precious support to those who like me want to succeed in their life. I don’t recognize myself any more. Why? Many thanks.

Extract of letter E 726 from Stacey C., Vancouver.
Extract of letter E 726 from Stacey C., Vancouver.

Acing Your Exams Has Never Been So Easy

You Are...

  • In Middle School, High School, College or University.
  • Fed up to get most of the time grades such as C, D or less in spite of your efforts.
  • About to take a highly selective entrance exam to get accepted in the University or in the study field of your dreams: (engineering, research, law, medicine, management, sales…).

You Want...

  • To pass your midterms or your finals because you can’t afford losing $15,000 or more of tuition costs.
  • To pass key admission tests such as the SAT, ACT, GRE or GMAT.
  • To be in the tiny fraction of 1% of students who almost always get “A” grades.
  • To study less, succeed better and live happier with more spare-time.

If you answered YES at least once: CONGRATULATIONS!

…Because this will be the most exciting message you will ever read.

You are about to discover how, in less than 2 or 3 weeks, you can improve so greatly that you will surprise your friends, your family, your teachers and…yourself!

“For Equal Work, Some Successfully Pass Their Exams. Others Fail. Why?

Whether for taking your midterms, your finals, or any other exam or admission test you may encounter during your studies, this is well known that those who work the most are NOT those who succeed the best.

Some students seem to be exclusively confined in their studies like a bird in cage: they work hard in the night; they don’t know what week-ends or holidays mean; and they almost never hang out

Despite all their sacrifices, they don’t manage to get the results they hope; the results they would definitely deserve if success had anything to do with the amount of work they provide.

On the contrary, you surely know one or two students who give an incredible impression of being always relaxed, always free for a baseball game or a party. They never seem to be working so much.

And yet, they always succeed everything: they systematically attract success like magnets attract iron!

What Makes The Difference Between “Winners” and “Losers”?

The best students do not succeed much better because they are naturally gifted or more intelligent.

Not even because they have exceptional abilities or simply because they are lucky.

They succeed because they apply extremely efficient study techniques that allow them to learn and memorize without any effort, because…

…Learning Easily Is Not a Proof of Intelligence, But of Intellectual Organization.

…Success At Exams Is Not a Question of Gift, But of Method.

You Too! …Can Right Now Succeed Exactly Like The Best Students -And Even Better-.

To successfully pass an exam or an admission test, it is imperative to know what to do at the good time! This seems very simple, almost silly, and yet…

…It is necessary that one day, someone showed you what to do and, above all, HOW to do it.

For You, This Great Day Finally Came!


I gathered for you the most efficient study techniques of a revolutionary, edition-limited method to ace exams and studies unfindable today, which allowed me not only to rise rapidly to the top of my engineering class and to easily pass my Master of Engineering degree…

…But also to have my work highly acknowledged by the most prestigious American Organizations of my field like the NASA, and preciously kept in the Harvard University database (please see credentials below).

These study techniques, never again revealed, give you almost instantly this precious intellectual organization and method that only the best students have, without the need to provide any extra work, because…

…They were specially developed by a team of researchers specialized in personal development and efficiency, composed of the world’s best Doctors, Psychologists, and other various experts laser-focused on the student’s success.

Each one in his field of expertise has trained hundreds of persons worldwide.

Just let you guide by this method composed of 17 simple and ready-to-use study techniques, step-by-step, and…

…Let them skyrocket you to your exams and studies success more rapidly than the fastest lift:

In this Ebook You Will Discover...

“209 Pages of Explosive Confidential Content
for Your Exams Success!”

Everything is now possible for you with this method!

Ready to enter in the skin of a true best student?

Yes? So…

…Let’s discover the table of contents of the method that will propel you far ahead of others -with almost unfair advantages-.

  • Confidential Technique 1
    (Value: $19.90)


    How to Get Organized and Instantly Increase your Efficiency.


    All you will ever have to know about efficient organization lies here:

    – How to optimize your study place.
    – How to free up your mind from everyday cares and worries.
    – How to manage your studying time like masters.

    Within a few minutes, you will know everything about how to reduce the length of your studying periods and make them extremely more efficient.

  • Confidential Technique 2
    (Value: $21.90)


    Doctors’ Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Principles to Optimize Your Memory.


    You will be revealed how some plants can:

    Treat asthenia and suppress mental fatigue
    Enhance your memory
    Stop insomnia
    Remove your eyes tiredness

    You will also know the physiological rules of hygiene to make your memory function at its highest capacities.

  • Confidential Technique 3
    (Value: $27.90)


    Nutritionists’ Secret Meals to Feed Your Brain Like Champions.


    Everything here is explained about food to sharpen your intellectual faculties:

    – Recognize helpful or toxic food for your brain.
    – Easily prepare balanced meals with all the essential aliments: Examples of menus.
    – Boost your performances at exams with this special tailor-made menu for exam sessions.

  • Confidential Technique 4
    (Value: $34.70)


    Improve Your Concentration by 3 and More…by this Magical Doctor’s Exercise!


    Efficiency of your lectures depends on two factors: Concentration is the first one. Students who know how to concentrate have a huge advantage over others because they memorize lectures much better and in less time. They also feel much more self-confident.

    With a special and well kept exercise developed by the Swiss Doctor Vittoz pioneer in concentration problems, you will be able to concentrate on the topic your want, and as long as you want!

  • Confidential Technique 5
    (Value: $28.50)


    Increase Your Motivation, Even for Boring or Difficult Lectures.


    Motivation is the second of the two factors that determines the efficiency of your lectures.

    If motivating for lectures we love is quite easy, motivating for boring or useless lectures is difficult for majority of students. However, success often depends on these lectures because they can make all the difference between 2 students, especially in a competitive examination where where each quarter of point counts.

    You will discover here how to build a strong motivation to greatly improve your results for such kind of lectures.

  • Confidential Technique 6
    (Value: $17.90)


    Best Ways to Take Clear and Efficient Notes…Alone and During Lectures.


    Everything you have ever dreamed to know about note taking is here! You will know how to optimize your note taking when you are studying alone, and when you are attending a lecture.

    You will know how to easily determine the points to remember and the points that can be left out during a lecture.

  • Confidential Technique 7
    (Value: $24.90)


    Read a Book 3 Times Faster Than Now and Remember it Better and Longer.


    This chapter is usually one of the most fascinating for the students. You will be able to read better and 3 times faster or more with this fast reading technique.

    Every student should apply it, but only very few know its existence. How many hours per year will you save with this fast reading technique? I bet hundreds!

  • Confidential Technique 8
    (Value: $30.40)


    To Study Alone Like an Elite Student: Try This Incredible Work Plan.


    The precious work plan revealed here has been developed by the best specialists in personal efficiency.

    Follow it step by step, and watch your learning efficiency soar instantly and your study time drop by two or more.

  • Confidential Technique 9
    (Value: $18.90)


    The Best Manner to Use Your Different Memories.


    Discover here your own sensory learning style (visual, auditory, kinetic…). With this knowledge, you will be shown the best specific ways to optimize your memory and you could watch your performance soar.

  • Confidential Technique 10
    (Value: $29.90)


    Remember Any Lecture or Conversation…Without Taking Notes!


    Many daily situations can make students miss capital information simply because they don’t write quick enough or they don’t have anything to write at that moment.

    It can be for example during lectures where taking notes would make them lose the thread of the explanations. It can also be during an unexpected conversation where they don’t have a pen…

    With this technique, these problems are definitely out of your life! You will now be able to easily remember any lecture, any conversation without writting down a single word…in every  moment where you don’t having nothing else but your memory to capture important information!

  • Confidential Technique 11
    (Value: $34.90)


    Instantly Memorize Any Number, Any Date…Even the First 500 digits of Pi!


    You will be revealed here an exclusive technique, used by the most prestigious illusionists to remember the order of a deck of 52 cards. Very few people have a good memory of numbers because contrary to words, numbers are abstact. That’s why the ability to remember numbers will give you an undeniable advantage over others.

    In less than 2 weeks, you are guaranteed to acquire an excellent memory to remember any date or number (statistics, formulas, quantities, etc.)…no matter the length!

    Try it and give the first 500 digits of pi with a disconcerting ease!

  • Confidential Technique 12
    (Value: $20.80)


    How to Memorize Any Text Rapidly and Reliably, Whether it is 10 Pages or a Whole Book.


    No matter the degree of memorization of the text you need to acquire (general overview, in-depth knowledge, by heart). No matter its length: 10 pages or an entire book. You will be shown the best adapted technique to reach your memorization goals without pain.

  • Confidential Technique 13
    (Value: $44.90)


    Definitely Eliminate Panic, Paralysis and Anxiety During Exams and Test Sessions.


    Exam stress is one of the main reasons of students’ failure. Because exams put students under a high level of pressure, some of them can face an unsusual degree of stress at examination time, making them forget everything they learned.

    The worst is that this state can happen to every student, even the best ones or those who are never stressed.

    This easy to practice technique has been specially developed by the best relaxation therapists to make you completely eliminate any anxiety, any stress, any panic you may feel during an exam or admission test. Best of all, you can use the same technique to quickly recover all your energy anytime you feel tired or overworked.

    Turbo-charge yourself right now with as much energy as your 3 last hours of sleep in only 20 minutes!

  • Confidential Technique 14
    (Value: $21.80)


    Learn and Memorize Durably Any Important Lecture…the Eyes Closed!


    During intensive intellectual work such as exam preparation periods, all the information students learn is stored in their short-term memory. If they don’t reactivate what they learned on a regular basis, they will have forgotten almost everything in less than 1 or 2 weeks.

    By putting you in a special relaxation state where your receptivity is at its highest level, this technique activates your long-term memory, making you memorize the same amount of information but much longer .

    Use this precious technique for any important lecture you want to reliably memorize for a long period (2 or 3 months).

  • Confidential Technique 15
    (Value: $46.90)


    A Cutting Edge Technique to Activate Your Untapped Faculties and Successfully Pass Your Exam.


    This technique used by high-level champions is a golden key for acing an exam. It gives people who apply it the power to use their full potential by activating their untapped faculties, allowing them to reach their goals much easier.

    Specially adapted for exams by psychologists, this technique will significantly increase your chances to succeed by 50% or more.

  • Confidential Technique 16
    (Value: $24.90)


    Unknown and Easy-to-Use Ancestral Tricks.


    You will find here very useful tricks you can use anywhere, without anyone noticing, even in an examination room. Use them whenever you need to:

    Stop a memory lapse with a secret breathing technique
    Relieve mental fatigue and regain a clear mind with an easy yoga exercise
    Instantly recover your self-control, suppress anxiety, fear or any negative thought, by the special breathing technique of this famous therapist!
    Stop a headache…by finger-pressing these specific first-aid acupunctural points.

  • Confidential Technique 17
    (Value: $47.90)


    Winning Action Plan of What Should Be Done Before an Exam.


    Many students face important difficulties to prioritize tasks and to know what to do in order to best prepare an exam. This technique will reveal you a winning action plan that alone is “worth the price of this method”, as a student declared.

    You will be given a clear and practical action plan to precisely know what to do before an exam for the best efficiency: 2 weeks before, 1 week before, 2 days, 1 day and finally the D-day.

You Can’t Imagine How Much The Method “The Most Efficient Study Techniques for Exams Success” Will Multiply Your Abilities And Sharpen Your Mental Faculties.

Imagine Yourself...

Applauded by your family and friends because you graduated with honors. You feel confident, self-assured and assertive in all situations.

Anytime there is a competition, you succeed far much better and easier than others. You study less, feel happier with more spare-time, and however you always pass successfully every exam.

But Also Imagine...

  • The peace of mind to NEVER be affected by stress anymore.
  • The power to recover as much energy as your last 3 hours of sleep in only 20 minutes.
  • Saving $15 000 or more of annual tuition costs, 365 days of your life and hundreds of difficult studying hours because you will reduce by 80% or more the chances to fail your exam or to repeat your year of study.
  • The self satisfaction to see yourself succeeding far much better than you could have ever imagined.
  • The opportunity to get a happy, exciting and wealthy professional future because you will feel like a fish in water to achieve the goals you desire, even the most demanding ones.
  • Soaring your performance to new heights by activating your hidden mental faculties, because you will master the most powerful training secret used by high level sportsmen to achieve victory. - Specially adapted here for exams success by top psychologists -
  • Having impressive memory skills that make others jealous, because you will know how to memorize easily and rapidly any number or text…no matter the length! -Such as the first 500 digits of Pi-
  • Being able to handle any unexpected situation, because you will know how to remember easily any conference without taking a single note, to instantly recover your self-control wherever you are, to stop a headache or a memory lapse within a few seconds…
  • H aving a healthy lifestyle because you will master the best Doctors personal health practices.
  • Having a body and mind always full of energy because you will master the best food rules and be revealed special Taylor-made menus that top nutritionists have developed for students’ intensive work -like exams preparation-
  • Being able to reduce your study time by 50% or more while improving your results, no later than next week.
  • Achieving an amazing state of concentration that allows you to concentrate on what you want as long as you want.

8 Reasons Why It Is The Best Method Ever For Exams And Studies Success

You really benefit of premium quality with the method “The Most Efficient Study Techniques for Exams Success”, which remains an unrivaled reference for all these reasons:

Ready-to-use, 100% practical study techniques -no useless theory!-

Because this method is not another voluminous theoretic book about exams and studies: it is all practical, totally devoid of any useless theory. The study techniques can be applied immediately without any “extra” homework or tedious exercises. Clearly, it respects your precious time and prevents you from losing even 1 second.

Instant results!

Because the study techniques have been developed to bring you immediate benefit in your daily work. They are also arranged in a special order best suited for optimal use.

Crystal clear and simple understanding

Because everything is explained so clearly and simply that one reading is generally enough to apply the recommended technique. Moreover, a summary highlights the main points at the end of each technique.

It works for anyone, whether your actual grades are poor or good - no exceptions! -

Because the method has already generated thousands of outstanding results and graduations among students of all kinds and of all levels.

The most powerful study techniques you will ever find

Because they come from the world’s top Doctors, Psychologists, Relaxation Therapists, Experts in Personal Efficiency and Nutritionists. Specifically developed for students for a unique, laser-focused purpose: their success at exams and studies…What else could you expect?

High quality content virtually unfindable anywhere else - neither online nor in bookstores -

Because like gold nuggets, what really works is always jealously guarded or only disclosed to a few privileged people. That’s why these study techniques will never be found online among the dishearting pile of cheap, general study skills and tips, nor in any book about studies and exams.

Lifelong benefits - you invest for the next 60 years of your life! -

Because these study techniques will also be of great help later in your professional life, and whenever you need to get an -almost unfair- advantage on others.

Everything gathered into one place - no more useless expenses for your success, ever! -

Because most books deal with less than 17% of what a student must know to trigger success:

They teach you self-organization, but you will still have no idea of how you can remain fully concentrated on a subject as long as you want.

They teach you time management but you will never know how you can definitely eliminate exams stress.

They teach you note taking, but you will never know how to remember a conference without writing a single word. Etc.

So, don’t waste your time when everything is in this method: no subject forgotten for the student’s success!

Are you willing to pay the price of your success?

The total value of this method with all the 17 techniques combined is $497.

Howerver, because money should not be an obstacle to your success, this method is priced at less than half of its value:


But you can save now $200 more for a limited time and have it at only:

$97 -Limited Time Offer-

Nothing else to pay, ever!

This method is now available to you for less than what you could make in 30 minutes as a Doctor, or 30 seconds as a CEO.

It is 131 times less than if you had to repeat a year at a public college institution; and 329 times less at a private one –as reported by the National Center for Education Statistics in 2011–.

Did you also count the hundreds hours you spent learning, reading, concentrating, writing, in the only hope to pass your finals, or to be better than your competitors at your entrance exam?

Don’t you think that you finally deserve to be rewarded for all these efforts?

And can you also imagine how many new hours of spare-time you will get? How peace of mind you will feel all along your life? How easy you could learn and memorize?

…How huge will be your advantage over others in any field whenever you need to compete?

So, don’t  risk  feeling a profound remorse in 6 months, 1 year or 10 years because you let your chance pass you by…

…Because you preferred spending your money on iPads or clothes you rapidly tossed in the trash, instead of investing in yourself for a greater, wealthier and happier life.

"In LIFE, only results count. Because only results make success or failure."

Get Now The Results You Really Deserve To Succeed:

HOW the study techniques in “The Most Efficient Study Techniques For Exams Success” made me succeed like never before.


“When I still was a student, my goal was to get a Master of Engineering degree in a prestigious Engineering School. Like most students, I wanted both a work that pays well –well is for me at least $100 000 per year- and doing a work I love.

Doing a work you love is so important, because when you love your work, you will never really work, because your work will be your play. Engineering was to me what gathered these conditions, and I worked hard every day to manage to get into this Engineering School.

Despites my efforts, the many hours I spent working late in the night, the big number of times I refused hanging out and having spare activities, my results remained quite weak.I felt really disappointed because I knew competition for entrance was high and I absolutely had to be in the best students…

…But I was still far from having a sufficient level to compete with other students: my poor grades left me absolutely no chance to get accepted.I didn’t know what else I could do to get better grades because I had already tried everything, and this was a real problem.

However one day, I discovered the study techniques of “The Most Efficient Study Techniques for Exams Success”.

Believe it or not, but this changed my life and my future. Within a few days, something totally unfamiliar to me happened:

I was now able to learn and memorize much better and easily, in twice less time. I was rediscovering the meaning of the words spare-time, I felt much more relaxed!

This worked so well that I not only passed the entrance exam to get into my engineering school, but I also quickly rose to the top of my engineering class.

I became so efficient in my field that my work was acknowledged by the NASA, which is one of the most prestigious rewarding for a Master Degree Engineer, like I said previously”.


What The Method “The Most Efficient Study Techniques For Exams Success” Did For The Success of Others, It Can Do It For You.

I am really glad to see how greatly this method helped so many students among the hundreds of testimonials I have received. I decided to mention here only a few of them since the purpose is not to overload you with testimonials.

Each day, many new students decide to act and take benefit from this method, because they have fully understood the importance of studies in the process of building their future happiness and wealth.

Always remember that there is no greater professional pleasure than when you bound out of bed each morning, so excited to get to the work you love.

Because when you work with passion, you usually get very good at it, which means that you’ll never have to worry about money. The top people in almost every field make a great deal of money.

So do like them, and take your chance to succeed
your exams and studies:

Principles That Are Also Used By These Renowned Experts:

  • Philippa Norman, M.D.

    Nutrition expert and author of Feed Your Brain: How to Boost Your Brainpower with Food

  • Endel Tulvin, Ph.D.

    Cognitive neuroscientist and world authority on human memory function

  • Tony Buzan

    Educational consultant, author of Master Your Memory or The Speed Reading Book.

  • Emmet E. Miller, M.D.

    Pioneer in mind/body medicine and expert on the subject of stress.

  • Patrice Stern

    Scientific co-Director of the Executive Specialized Master in Business Consulting and author of Be more efficient.

  • Philippe Morando

    Personal development specialist.

  • Roger Vittoz

    Expert on concentration and creator of the famous Vittoz method used by Albert Einstein.

    EinsteinPola “The Vittoz will revolutionize the world.” Albert Einstein.

Why You Should Act Right Now

With “The Most Efficient Study Techniques for Exams Success”, you take the best decision to ensure you success in your exams and studies, and build the great, happy and wealthy future you deserve.

All along your life you will always stay far ahead of others, because you will know the secrets to learn three or four times faster or more, memorize better, and…

..You will enjoy the priceless benefits to unlock and fully use your hidden intellectual potential, to have more spare-time, to never feel stress or panic again during an exam…and leave students who compete with you far behind.


As a famous quotation says:

“God gives every bird a worm, but he does not throw it into the nest”

You can think about success, dream about success, but the only way to succeed is to act, because like in every field of life, success is almost always all about action.

So don’t wait until it is too late!

Each day you lose on hesitations have an direct impact on your final results because you are wasting precious time not using these study techniques. The sooner you discover and apply them, the quicker you could use your full potential. But tomorrow may be too late.


Don’t risk losing your academic year and $15000 or more of tuition costs.


It would be really a pity to do like this old miner who died in misery, a few yards from the most fabulous gold strike of South Africa…when the success of your exams and studies is only one mouse click away:

Because success demands action, the method “The Most Efficient Study Techniques for Exams Success” will be distributed for a limited time only and may be removed as early as tomorrow without warning, to reward those who knew to act on time.

Take Action Now, Thank Yourself The Next 60 Years

Sincere wishes for a good life and (always!) success at exams and studies.

Remy Roulier

P.S: As a gift, a special bonus has been added at the end of the method: a golden rule that systematically brings success to anyone who applies it

P.P.S: One last chance to seize this opportunity before it ends, with Dr. Robert Anthony wise advice: “Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don’t count.”

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